What kind of Saiga will Kushnapup work with?

A Saiga you can find in it’s import configuration from any date with or without the sporting rail above the gas tube. The Kushnapup homepage has a photo example of it. The shotguns come in 19″, 22″, and 24″ and the rifles have standard 16″ barrels.

What do I need to put it together?

A screw driver (included),  Loc-tite (optional), a $9 hacksaw (optional).  Assembly does not effect the zero of your scope or sights.

How is the trigger linkage?

We focused on trigger performance in our stock more than anything with the trigger squeeze down to nearly zero friction.  It has very light trigger squeeze distancing the same as the original trigger fire and it’s components are not designed from anything before it.  Please don’t use a low quality product in reference to ours.

How can you get a Saiga rifle or shotgun?

Go to your local gun dealers and if they do not sell them request a signed copy of their FFL to do business with and have your saiga(’s) shipped/transferred to them.

I cannot remove my rear stock off my original Saiga-12, whats up with that?

Yes you can. Due to wide machining tolerances of the Siaga-12 import models some are clamped in much tighter than others. After unscrewing the 3 screws from your stock, some Saiga gun stocks will not slide out. The slight angle of the tangs are designed to resist it. Insert the tip of a flat head screw driver (with around 5″ shank) into the slight space behind the upper tang or edges of the stock and it will easily pry right out. A cracking sound or 2 or 3 only imply the amount of pressure it has been subjected to and is no harm.

Where do I get the sold separately accessories?

We highly recommend using the Ultimak picatinny rail which has the highest stability for Saiga shotguns with fixed sights, it is found directly at: or Most all sighting systems will work on Ultimak, some may require riser. We used an Eotech military law enforcement sight, you can check or net.  Standard 10 shot magazines we used are made by AGP Arms which are widely available or can be purchased from

Testing in the field, how the the gas setting will function with low pressure rounds?

Most of the Saiga-12’s from Russia already function with low pressure, low brass rounds, however since the ports in your barrel have been drilled by factory default they may require a certain amount of usage internally to vent perfectly.  If brand new and on setting 2, your Saiga-12 should not effectively cyle 2 – 3/4″ low brass bird shot rounds… Generally, stuff in some high brass to vent open the ports inside a little better.  Keep on setting 2, trying high load high pressure something like 1 oz rifled 3″ magnum slugs then go back to bird shot, you will notice that low brass cheap walmart ammo will cycle better and better.  Once it cycles perfect your Saiga is officially broken in and no longer in the testing phase for your ammunition.  That’s when you can stop checking the high brass under setting 2 before it damages your gun. The gun is designed to be tuff.

Can I buy a Saiga already fitted with Kushnapup from Kushnapup LLC?

Only the stock by itself can be purchased through us.